New arrival IWC Ingenieur 1:1 replica watches from V7 factory

Today, let’s delve into the three latest models recently unveiled by the V7 factory. V7 is renowned for crafting top-tier IWC replica watches in our market, boasting the largest share and facing no competitors that pose a threat. Their latest offerings are the IWC Ingenieur replica watches introduced towards the end of 2023, now available in three distinct colors: black, white, and blue.

Previously, another factory named GH attempted to replicate the Ingenieur watches, but their quality didn’t garner much recognition. One notable difference was the stainless steel bezel on GH’s Ingenieur, appearing wider compared to the authentic version. While GH also produced a green variant, V7 has yet to offer this option, though it might be in the pipeline post our new year holiday. Interestingly, opinions on the blue version vary, with some likening its hue to green.

IWC seems to harbor high hopes for the new Ingenieur, envisioning it as a stainless steel timepiece capable of emulating the success of iconic models like AP’s Royal Oak, VC’s Overseas, and Patek’s Nautilus. These timepieces share two key characteristics: a sporty case design and full stainless steel construction. In contrast to the rugged appearance of AP’s Royal Oak, the new Ingenieur exudes elegance. However, the genuine watch commands a high price due to its superior anti-magnetic performance, a feature absent in the replica.

The immense popularity of certain replica watches can indeed bolster sales of their authentic counterparts, as mentioned in a video review I came across. Could V7’s Ingenieur become a sought-after model, driving sales of the genuine article?

The watch’s entirety boasts a brushed finish, except for the blue model, which features polished middle links on its bracelet. The bezel’s brushing direction differs from that of the case and bracelet, lending a contrasting aesthetic. Additionally, four rivet studs on the bezel evoke a retro vibe. The dial incorporates unique grids challenging for V7 to accurately replicate; subtle differences persist even when closely comparing the replica to the genuine article, akin to the dial of ZF or APS’s replica AP 15400.

While the bracelet’s finish is impressive, it feels slightly stiff compared to the genuine counterpart. This issue echoes that encountered with the super clone Nautilus 5711 from 3K and PPF. Beneath the solid case back lies a Sea-gull 2892 movement; however, rumors suggest V7 may introduce an SW300 movement for the Ingenieur in the future.

A Closer Look at the Rare UK 1:1 Fake Rolex Worn by 2023 Wimbledon Champ Carlos Alcaraz

In today’s tennis scene, there’s a singular figure capturing everyone’s attention: Carlos Alcaraz. The 20-year-old Spanish prodigy showcased his remarkable talent by defeating the seven-time Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic in an epic battle lasting nearly five hours during the men’s singles final at Wimbledon. However, it wasn’t solely Alcaraz’s impeccable strokes and tactical maneuvers that mesmerized spectators. His choice to sport a flawless replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona while hoisting the championship trophy was impossible to overlook, serving as a statement beyond mere fashion.

Much like Wimbledon, the esteemed tennis event steeped in tradition and prestige, UK’s inexpensive counterfeit Rolex brand is renowned for its heritage and magnificence. Featuring a unique meteorite dial sourced from the Gibeon meteorite, a celestial body older than Earth itself, Alcaraz’s timepiece pays homage to the storied legacy of Wimbledon’s courts and the sport of tennis overall. The discontinuation of meteorite dials from Rolex’s Daytona collection earlier this year has rendered the tennis player’s watch even more scarce. However, Rolex currently offers a comparable replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona model in 18k yellow gold, complete with the same bezel and Oysterflex bracelet, catering to those seeking to emulate the style, albeit at a price of $30,600.

When it comes to Alcaraz, we can expect to see him adorned with a Swiss-made knockoff Rolex on many future occasions—perhaps while clutching yet another championship trophy. Becoming a Rolex brand ambassador at a mere 18 years old, he showcased another premium counterfeit Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (Ref. 116500LN) when he clinched his inaugural Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open in 2022. Who knows, it could very well be his lucky talisman.

1:1 Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Diver 15720 with 4308 Movement

Regarding the Royal Oak Diver watch replica, it once enjoyed significant popularity, but its appeal has waned over time. Whether referring to the Royal Oak Diver models 15703 or 15710, JF was renowned for producing top-notch replicas of these models. JF had even upgraded them to the latest V10 edition. However, with the closure of the JF manufacturer, super clones of the 15710 and 15703 became scarce until ZF took on the task of crafting replicas.

Interestingly, it appears that people now show greater recognition for other Royal Oak watches from ZF, such as the 15400 and 15500. Fortunately, the APS factory has emerged as a formidable player in the field. Following in the footsteps of JF, APS is now the sole factory with the capability to research and develop superior movements for AP replicas. The 3120 movement from APS stands out as the best clone 3120 movement used in their Royal Oak 15400.

Moreover, APS factory introduced the V2 edition of the replica Audemars Piguet in July, marking a positive development in the market. This release is noteworthy as it positions APS as the sole provider of the super clone 15710 in our current market landscape.

Now, back to the new Royal Oak Diver watch 15720, both ZF and APS do not make the replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Diver 15720, now if you want to get a good replica 15720, there are two options, BF and IPF, between the two, IPF is better. The photos I shared in this post are from IPF. About this factory, I do not know the meaning of its name “IP”. The 15720 replica from IPF has four color options, black, grey, green and blue, they all good, especially when I see its movement that is modified on basis of Japanese Miyota 9015, I think the quality of the replica won’t be bad. IP factory makes the 15720 with solid stainless steel that is brushed, the case has a diameter of 42mm and thickness is up to 14.2mm. The black bezel uses ceramic material, which is vertically brushed on the front, while being polished on the edge of the bezel. The case of AP is the most angular one I have ever seen, it is difficult to be replicated especially when needed to be done 1:1 as original, the big AP case, if not finished well, it is easy to notice the difference, I really like the case on AP made by JF, they always made the most beautiful case before.

The dial layout of the 15720 appears more compact compared to the 15710, although personally, I prefer the dial style of the 15710. On the 15720’s dial, the hour markers are wider and generously applied with luminous material, resulting in a stronger lume effect in low-light conditions. The inner bezel showcases a yellow diving stripe with yellow numeral markers, contributing to improved readability on the black dial.

Examining the movement through the crystal back, one can observe golden engravings on the plates and a prominent AP logo on the skeleton rotor. The IP factory invested time and effort in modifying the movement, presenting a commendable clone 4308. The movement is known for its stability, ensuring minimal issues during regular wear. However, it’s worth noting that there is still a noticeable gap between this clone 4308 and a super clone.

Looking ahead, it is anticipated that both APS and ZF will produce replicas of the 15720 in the future. However, this is not expected to happen in 2022; rather, it might be a development to look forward to in the second half of 2023.

Which factory makes the best 1:1 replica gold Daytona 116518?

Regarding the gold Daytona 116518, multiple factories produce its super clone Rolex, including Clean, BT, Gold, APS, QF, and New Noob. Clean and BT are often more discussed in conversations about super clone Daytonas. Gold and APS create high-quality replicas with increased weight but use the Shanghai 4130 movement, not as superior as the Dandong 4130 in Clean and BT’s Daytonas. Little is known about QF, and New Noob has been introduced in a previous article. The recommendation is to buy a Daytona from Clean or BT, as many Franken watches are customized based on their models.

The gold Daytona 116518, a popular replica, is produced by both Clean and BT, leading to direct competition. Initially favoring BT, after watching numerous video reviews, the preference shifted to Clean. Comparing flaws with genuine watches, both replicas exhibit color differences in the case due to gold plating rather than genuine 18K yellow gold. The replica appears brighter and more yellowish. Weight differences also exist, with the replica being about 35 grams lighter. Genuine watch dial printings, especially the red “DAYTONA,” are superior. The movement comparison reveals that the decoration on the genuine Rolex 4130 movement is better, featuring a unique aspect absent in the Dandong 4130.

BT introduced the 116518 earlier than Clean, now reaching the V2 version. The V1 had a too-yellow gold tone on the case and dial, but the V2 edition addressed this, making it closer to Clean’s version. However, Clean’s dial color is closer to genuine. Despite minor differences, Clean is often considered the ultimate version, even with a higher price.

Apart from the dial color, it’s challenging to identify other differences. Video reviews suggest Clean as the ultimate version, reinforcing the recommendation to choose Clean despite the higher cost. Share your opinions on the replicas in the comments, particularly in distinguishing between Clean and BT.

Z Factory Fake Hublot Unico Rose Gold Watch Review

Z Factory, commonly known as ZF, stands as a prominent entity in our market, particularly renowned for its extensive history in watch manufacturing. Amidst the closure of several longstanding factories like Noob, V6, VS, and JF, ZF has emerged as the largest watch manufacturer in our market. Surprisingly, during the 2021 raids, ZF experienced minimal impact, a piece of positive news for enthusiasts like us. This resilience ensures that we can still access top-notch replicas of coveted timepieces such as IWC, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400, and 15500 from ZF.

However, post the raid, there has been a notable scarcity in the availability of certain ZF-made watches. For instance, models like the Royal Oak Extra-thin 15202 and Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phase 5712 are consistently out of stock. Regrettably, even placing an order directly with ZF entails a prolonged waiting period for these specific models.

Concerning the Replica Patek Philippe Moon Phase 5712, ZF employed a rather unconventional strategy by bundling it with their Submariner watches. This meant that prospective buyers were required to purchase one of their Submariners to acquire the Patek 5712—a practice that seemed somewhat absurd. Speculation suggests that ZF may have faced challenges in selling their Submariner watches individually, possibly leading them to bundle them with the Patek Philippe 5712. Surprisingly, this marketing tactic did not result in a reduction of prices. Consequently, the sales performance of their Submariner watches remained suboptimal despite the unique bundling approach.

As we approach the conclusion of 2021 and anticipate the arrival of the new year, a pattern observed in previous years involved a surge in raids during this period. Many factories, in response to the heightened risk of raids, traditionally opted to shut down temporarily to avoid any potential legal actions. It is expected that a similar scenario may unfold in the near future.

Presenting today is a replica Hublot watch from ZF, marking what seems to be their initial venture into crafting Hublot replicas. Historically, leading Hublot replica watches were exclusively produced by the V6 factory. The featured Hublot watch belongs to the Big Bang Unico product line. Interestingly, Hublot Unico may not be widely favored among watch enthusiasts, prompting questions about ZF’s decision to invest significantly in creating this particular model. From my perspective, it would make more sense for ZF to channel their resources into producing the finest replicas of fundamental Big Bang models, which are currently in higher demand.

As for the Hublot Unico, its skeletonized dial presents a distinctive challenge. Replicating the intricate dial of a genuine Hublot Unico is a formidable task, and I harbor doubts about ZF’s ability to achieve an accurate replica in this regard.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the Hublot watch in question boasts substantial dimensions, with a diameter of 44mm and a thickness of up to 17mm. The sheer size and robustness make it a challenging timepiece for many individuals to manage comfortably. The dial, characterized by intricate skeleton artwork, serves as a focal point and contributes to the appeal of this sizable watch. However, it is also this skeletonized feature that accentuates the vulnerabilities of the Hublot Unico.

With a price tag exceeding 600 USD, this replica Hublot is positioned in a relatively higher price range. In comparison to earlier versions produced by other factories, ZF has made notable updates to the movement. This enhancement brings the timepiece closer in resemblance to the authentic 1280 Hublot in-house movement.