VS Factory Replica Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black Ceramic Watch with Clone 8906 Movement

In December, the market saw a surge in 1:1 best Omega replica watches, featuring notable releases such as the Seamaster Commander 007 from UR factory, Seamaster 300m Blue from VS, and Planet Ocean Ceramic from VS. These models represent the latest offerings for 2018. While VS factory has traditionally focused on Panerai replicas, they’ve ventured into crafting high-quality Omega replicas, possibly inspired by the success of their Omega Spectre 007 replica, which set a sales record in 2016. As a result, VS factory’s Omega replicas, including the Planet Ocean Deep Black ceramic watch, have gained significant traction in the replica watch market. The Deep Black Planet Ocean, with its full ceramic construction, marks a departure from Omega’s typical materials for the Planet Ocean series, potentially making it a groundbreaking release in the replica watch realm.

This Planet Ocean model boasts a groundbreaking black ceramic case, a departure from Omega’s traditional materials for the series. The case exhibits a brushed finish, complemented by polished lug edges, resulting in a graceful arc shape when viewed from the side. The bezel, crafted from high-grade black ceramic, features silver engravings for a refined touch. The transparent sapphire crystal case back showcases VS factory‘s innovation with Omega’s patented Naiad Lock system, ensuring a secure lock with just a slight rotation. Upon inspection of the case back, unique engravings adorn three of the lugs, adding a distinctive flair to this exceptional timepiece.

The black dial of this timepiece is meticulously crafted from genuine ceramic Zr02, boasting a high-gloss finish that perfectly mirrors the original. Maintaining a 1:1 imitation, the dial features precise hand stacking, with silver-edged hour markers and hands adorned with white lume material. Notably, the dial showcases two distinct lume colors: strong blue luminescence for the hour markers and hour hand, and vibrant green luminescence for the minute hand, ensuring excellent visibility in low-light conditions. Adding functionality, the outer dial incorporates 24-hour GMT markers, while the central GMT hand is distinguished by an orange triangle filled with luminescent material. As a GMT watch, this Deep Black Planet Ocean sets itself apart, and should Omega introduce a non-GMT version in full ceramic, it would undoubtedly garner significant popularity.

Powering this timepiece is the Asia Clone 8906 movement, derived from a Chinese automatic movement. Upon inspection, the movement closely resembles the authentic Omega Caliber 8906, evident in the intricately decorated rotor and plate. Notably, the 1:1 black balance wheel mirrors the decoration found in the genuine Omega 8906 movement, showcasing remarkable similarity in craftsmanship and design.

Here are the specifications for the replica watch:

Movement: Asia Clone 8906 Automatic, Decorated Auto Rotor and Plates Resembling Genuine Omega 8906 Caliber, Equipped with Black Balance Wheel Case: 45.5mm*17mm, Crafted from Black Ceramic, Featuring Accurate Lugs Engravings Case Back: Transparent Sapphire Crystal with Ceramic Naiad Lock System Crystal: Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating Dial: Genuine Black Ceramic, Glossy Black Dial with Silver Hour Markers and Hands, Swiss Blue Lume and Green Lume Application on Dial Bracelet: Black Rubber Strap with White Hand Stitching, Secured by a Black Ceramic Deployant Clasp Water Resistance: 50m

New arrival IWC Ingenieur 1:1 replica watches from V7 factory

Today, let’s delve into the three latest models recently unveiled by the V7 factory. V7 is renowned for crafting top-tier IWC replica watches in our market, boasting the largest share and facing no competitors that pose a threat. Their latest offerings are the IWC Ingenieur replica watches introduced towards the end of 2023, now available in three distinct colors: black, white, and blue.

Previously, another factory named GH attempted to replicate the Ingenieur watches, but their quality didn’t garner much recognition. One notable difference was the stainless steel bezel on GH’s Ingenieur, appearing wider compared to the authentic version. While GH also produced a green variant, V7 has yet to offer this option, though it might be in the pipeline post our new year holiday. Interestingly, opinions on the blue version vary, with some likening its hue to green.

IWC seems to harbor high hopes for the new Ingenieur, envisioning it as a stainless steel timepiece capable of emulating the success of iconic models like AP’s Royal Oak, VC’s Overseas, and Patek’s Nautilus. These timepieces share two key characteristics: a sporty case design and full stainless steel construction. In contrast to the rugged appearance of AP’s Royal Oak, the new Ingenieur exudes elegance. However, the genuine watch commands a high price due to its superior anti-magnetic performance, a feature absent in the replica.

The immense popularity of certain replica watches can indeed bolster sales of their authentic counterparts, as mentioned in a video review I came across. Could V7’s Ingenieur become a sought-after model, driving sales of the genuine article?

The watch’s entirety boasts a brushed finish, except for the blue model, which features polished middle links on its bracelet. The bezel’s brushing direction differs from that of the case and bracelet, lending a contrasting aesthetic. Additionally, four rivet studs on the bezel evoke a retro vibe. The dial incorporates unique grids challenging for V7 to accurately replicate; subtle differences persist even when closely comparing the replica to the genuine article, akin to the dial of ZF or APS’s replica AP 15400.

While the bracelet’s finish is impressive, it feels slightly stiff compared to the genuine counterpart. This issue echoes that encountered with the super clone Nautilus 5711 from 3K and PPF. Beneath the solid case back lies a Sea-gull 2892 movement; however, rumors suggest V7 may introduce an SW300 movement for the Ingenieur in the future.

A Closer Look at the Rare UK 1:1 Fake Rolex Worn by 2023 Wimbledon Champ Carlos Alcaraz

In today’s tennis scene, there’s a singular figure capturing everyone’s attention: Carlos Alcaraz. The 20-year-old Spanish prodigy showcased his remarkable talent by defeating the seven-time Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic in an epic battle lasting nearly five hours during the men’s singles final at Wimbledon. However, it wasn’t solely Alcaraz’s impeccable strokes and tactical maneuvers that mesmerized spectators. His choice to sport a flawless replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona while hoisting the championship trophy was impossible to overlook, serving as a statement beyond mere fashion.

Much like Wimbledon, the esteemed tennis event steeped in tradition and prestige, UK’s inexpensive counterfeit Rolex brand is renowned for its heritage and magnificence. Featuring a unique meteorite dial sourced from the Gibeon meteorite, a celestial body older than Earth itself, Alcaraz’s timepiece pays homage to the storied legacy of Wimbledon’s courts and the sport of tennis overall. The discontinuation of meteorite dials from Rolex’s Daytona collection earlier this year has rendered the tennis player’s watch even more scarce. However, Rolex currently offers a comparable replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona model in 18k yellow gold, complete with the same bezel and Oysterflex bracelet, catering to those seeking to emulate the style, albeit at a price of $30,600.

When it comes to Alcaraz, we can expect to see him adorned with a Swiss-made knockoff Rolex on many future occasions—perhaps while clutching yet another championship trophy. Becoming a Rolex brand ambassador at a mere 18 years old, he showcased another premium counterfeit Rolex Cosmograph Daytona (Ref. 116500LN) when he clinched his inaugural Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open in 2022. Who knows, it could very well be his lucky talisman.