Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Review

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 is undeniably one of the most sought-after replica watches within our selection. This iconic timepiece is considered a classic model and often serves as the go-to choice for those venturing into the realm of replica watches for the first time. When it comes to the 15400, it stands out as one of the closest replicas to the genuine version, warranting its place on the list of the top ten replica watches.

Previously, three prominent factories, namely JF, ZF, and OMF, produced remarkable replicas of the Royal Oak 15400. Regrettably, due to unforeseen circumstances like raids, JF has ceased its operations, and ZF has faced challenges in delivering their stock on time. Meanwhile, the 15400 replicas from OMF have faced a decline in quality. In light of this situation, some aspiring factories have seized the opportunity to make a significant impact and establish themselves as leading watch manufacturers.

Today, I’m excited to introduce the 15400 replica crafted by a relatively lesser-known factory named APS. Although APS might not have garnered widespread recognition in the industry, they have managed to produce top-quality Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar replica watches, some of which I have previously featured on my blog. The 15400 replica from APS has stirred considerable interest among watch enthusiasts due to its employment of a new clone 3120 movement.

The APS 15400 replica stands out for its precise case profile. With a diameter of 41mm and a thickness measuring 9.8mm, it closely mirrors the dimensions of the genuine watch. APS factory proudly claims that their 15400 replica is the sole version on the market whose case components can be interchanged with those of the authentic watch. The finishing on the case and bracelet attains top-level quality, with chamfering on the case and lugs that rival the excellence found in previous AP replicas crafted by JF.

In addition to the precise case dimensions, two notable improvements are found in the blue dial and the movement of the APS 15400 replica. The blue dial exhibits consistent coloration, rendering the small grids on the dial with a more three-dimensional appearance, each grid matching the height of those on the genuine watch. Of paramount significance, the movement within is a super clone 3120 movement—an industry-first in terms of independent development. The rotor and base plate decorations closely emulate those found on the genuine AP 3120 movement. It’s worth noting that this APS 15400 replica is not yet available on conventional TD (Trusted Dealer) sites, but it can be acquired directly from the factory.

Rolex vs. Omega Dive Watches

Rolex and Omega have both earned acclaim and reverence for their dive watches. When we engage in a direct comparison, it begs the question of which of these leading brands delves deeper into the realms of excellence, delivers superior value for your investment, and outperforms the other in the world of underwater timekeeping.

As we navigate this comparative journey, we’ll also delve into the fascinating realm of replica watches, offering an illuminating perspective on how enthusiasts can experience the allure of these iconic timepieces without breaking the bank.

Rolex’s Submariner diver’s watch has consistently stood as one of the brand’s most cherished models, a legacy that has endured long before its notable redesign in 2020. In parallel, Omega has embarked on a journey of renewal, revamping its beloved Planet Ocean, Diver 300M, and Seamaster 300 collections in recent years. With both brands vying for supremacy, it becomes a fascinating exploration of where one may outshine the other.

Rolex offers a limited selection of dive watches with three main models: Submariner, Sea-Dweller, and Deepsea. If we consider the Submariner without a date indicator as a separate model, that brings the total to four. Variations are relatively sparse, with the Deepsea offering two different dials, and the Submariner available in steel, gold, or a combination of both, along with various dial and bezel color options. Rolex’s dive watch collection comprises a total of 12 variants. Beyond basic timekeeping and the date function, Rolex’s dive watches do not offer strap variations or additional complications.

In contrast, replica Omega boasts a much broader range, with its Dive Watches category featuring an impressive 117 variants. These are spread across four collections: Diver 300M, Seamaster 300, Planet Ocean, and Ploprof. Omega provides diverse case sizes, materials, strap choices, an array of colors, and additional functions. Notably, Omega offers cases in steel, titanium, and various ceramic colors. Omega’s revised Seamaster 300 caters to the popular retro style trend. While Rolex tends to evolve its models slowly, it keeps them up to date with subtle design changes.

A vintage Rolex Explorer

Vintage Rolex is very rare but is attractive to many people, it is hard to buy one vintage Rolex produced in old times, if you are lucky to find one in auction market, the price will also be very high. So, some people came to my blog and asked me where they can get a good quality vintage Rolex watch, the replica one. In our watch market, there are some replicas of vintage Rolex watches, most of them are Submariner, however, all replicas of vintage Rolex are not top quality, I mean, their quality is not the best one when being compared with those replicas made by big factories such as ARF, GMF, ZF, etc. But some of them look nice and can satisfy your favor of vintage Rolex.

This vintage Rolex I am talking about is an Explorer, made by a small factory here, I do not know its name, maybe it is the factory that usually made vintage Rolex replicas before, for example, the Submariner 5580, Daytona Paul Newman. Just judging from the pictures, I like this Explorer Rolex watch.

Its case is different from that of modern Rolex Explorer, it looks a little bigger, especially the case, which looks stronger and robust. The crown is screwed down and do not have too much outside, almost all parts are under protection of the crown guards. The entire case is brushed, I do not know the case diameter and thickness. The case back is solid and smooth, the connection of bracelet and case is different from today’s Rolex Explorer.

The dial is black with all hour markers and hands in white color, except the central orange 24-hour hand. On the top of the dial, I do not think it is sapphire crystal, may be a mineral glass face. Hour markers are square bar-shaped, the bar marker at 6 o’clock and triangle at 12 o’clock are much bigger than others, by the way, there are no Arabic numeral hour markers on this vintage Explorer II dial. The movement inside is an Asia clone ETA 2836, it is the movement widely used by replica watches before, but now, super clone Rolex does not use this movement now, and almost all replica watches of other Swiss brands also choose to use Japanese Miyota 9015. However, the clone 2836 still has an important position in the market, it is necessary for moderate quality replica Rolex watches.

Replica Rolex Daytona 116523 Two Tone with Super Clone 4130 Movement

Now that the epidemic is over, logistics can keep up, and new styles are being developed. DHL’s shipping services are also normal. Delivery time to the United States and most European countries is 3 to 5 working days.

Last week, we had good news, they released a new watch, the gold/steel Daytona 116523. As we all know, the ceramic Daytona 116500 is the best-selling model in 2019. Among the four new Daytona models, I think the one with a black dial will become another best-selling model. After all, many people have asked me about this two-piece model before. Daytona, many readers have shown interest in this Daytona.

The black dial Daytona 116523 replica looks good, at least to me. The gold plating on the case and bracelet is decent, maybe not as good as the gold plating workmanship of CR or VR factories, but definitely much better than those small factories.

After two or three years, the golden color of your Daytona fades, if you really cares about this, please take the bracelet off, ship the case and bracelet in two separate package to me, I can find a store in our watch market to do gold re-plated for your Daytona.

By the way, this golden Daytona replica is equipped with a Super Clone 4130 movement, which is the best 4130 movement in replica watch market, among all Daytona models appeared in our market, no ones use better movement than Noob Daytona, unless you are able to get a real Rolex 4130 movement. A lot of clients have bought Noob’s Daytona products from me, until now, no one has complaints.

By the way, just another good news coming from our market, a factory will publish the replica watch of the following Omega soon, let’s expect. It is from VS factory.