Replica Rolex Daytona 116523 Two Tone with Super Clone 4130 Movement

Now that the epidemic is over, logistics can keep up, and new styles are being developed. DHL’s shipping services are also normal. Delivery time to the United States and most European countries is 3 to 5 working days.

Last week, we had good news, they released a new watch, the gold/steel Daytona 116523. As we all know, the ceramic Daytona 116500 is the best-selling model in 2019. Among the four new Daytona models, I think the one with a black dial will become another best-selling model. After all, many people have asked me about this two-piece model before. Daytona, many readers have shown interest in this Daytona.

The black dial Daytona 116523 replica looks good, at least to me. The gold plating on the case and bracelet is decent, maybe not as good as the gold plating workmanship of CR or VR factories, but definitely much better than those small factories.

After two or three years, the golden color of your Daytona fades, if you really cares about this, please take the bracelet off, ship the case and bracelet in two separate package to me, I can find a store in our watch market to do gold re-plated for your Daytona.

By the way, this golden Daytona replica is equipped with a Super Clone 4130 movement, which is the best 4130 movement in replica watch market, among all Daytona models appeared in our market, no ones use better movement than Noob Daytona, unless you are able to get a real Rolex 4130 movement. A lot of clients have bought Noob’s Daytona products from me, until now, no one has complaints.

By the way, just another good news coming from our market, a factory will publish the replica watch of the following Omega soon, let’s expect. It is from VS factory.

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