Black Dial Cartier Tank replica

Cartier Ballon Bleu 42mm Black Dial Stainless Steel Case And Bracelet Replica Review

Evidently, recently there are myriads of Black Dial Cartier Tank replica watches published on our markets. As you know, I’ve written many reviews about replica watches, those that I’ve personally encountered. I seldom review ladies watches since I know they rarely spend time reading the reviews, they would rather see photos than words. Relax, that’s all catered for herein. Today, I’ll introduce a rare gem, the Cartier Ballon Bleu 42mm Black Dial Stainless Steel Case And Bracelet Replica, an acclaimed luxury timepiece that I never knew about until I recently ordered one.

Brief History

This Cartier Ballon Bleu was first introduced in 2007 with the target clients being both men and women. At first, the watch was mostly successful with women thanks to its soft, feminine design. Today, the majority of Ballon Bleu timepieces are worn by men and it has become one of Cartier’s most successful watches

Black Dial Cartier Tank replica
Black Dial Cartier Tank replica

Why the Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch

This Black Dial Cartier Tank replica is undoubtedly a prestigious luxury latest design. It’s

‘Floating like a balloon,’ protected by an arc of precious metal. It looks fashion and luxury thanks to its stainless steel bracelet. Besides, its black dial looks very simple and is vividly readable. Lastly, this timepiece has very low price;So you don’t have to break the bank to own one.

Iconic features of this Black Dial Cartier Tank Replica


Its case measures 13mm. The replica comes in a solid forged case construction, 440 stainless steel that will undeniably please all men. It’s undoubtedly going to be durable. On the case-back lies a screw, solid 440 stainless steel, engraved with Cartier specifications that are very comfortable on the wrist. This replica also possesses a one-piece solid screw-down crown for enhanced adjustment. This crown is a real eye-catcher of its own.


This Cartier replica comes in a 47 x 42 mm dial that is black colored. Its markings are in silver while its luminescent blue highlighted hands are undoubtedly going to give you unmatched readability. Customers, men and women alike usually say that this dial is big enough to show every detail clearly in a reasonable manner. Buy one and prove that yourself! The date window is at three o’clock. Also, this dial is surrounded by a 440 stainless steel bezel whose looks elegantly accentuates with the black dial. Lastly, above this dial lies a gem which is a sapphire crystal glass, it ensures optimal protection against corrosion while enhancing readability of the replica’s inner details. This sapphire crystal is the source of inspiration for the ‘bleu’ naming.


This replica’s bracelet measures 170 x 12 mm and is perfectly crafted with solid 440 stainless steel links. In any event in my opinion, I think it matches this timepiece extremely well, making it a perfect watch for men at any age. Wearing this Black Dial Cartier Tank replica is just like a ninja wearing a sword. It will undoubtedly become your most brilliant accessory under the night sky, customers, me included absolutely love this replica watch. Oh, what about the butterfly clasp, this Cartier replica is just the perfect accessory when it comes to ensuring your luxury timepiece doesn’t get off while you’re doing your chores.


At the heart of this quality Black Dial Cartier Tank replica lays a sophisticated gem that owes it its existence. Without reservation, the gem is the Japanese Miyota Quartz (Battery) movement. Honestly, this is a feature that many Cartier replica owners can’t help bragging about. In a nut shell, it’s just amazingly reliable and accurate.

Black Dial Cartier Tank replica
Black Dial Cartier Tank replica

Differences between this Cartier replica and the original

Fortunately or unfortunately, I wasn’t able to cite any variation apart the large price difference. For the doubting Thomas’s, please buy one and affirm my statement. The similarity in virtually all details begs the question, why are the genuine Cartier watches overly overpriced yet they are almost 100% similar?

Buying Advice

Are you searching for a luxury timepiece with distinctive design yet amazingly affordable? Then look no further, perfectly understands that craving and are overly willing to quench it. Guess what, owing a quality Black Dial Cartier Tank replica is now just a click of your mouse away. Be treated to unmatched customer service and guarantee of quality replica watches at Please note that I’m not saying this because I’m gonna get a penny out of it, NO, I just believe that a candle loses nothing by lighting another. However, please note that despite their watches being water resistant, they are not waterproof. Don’t go swimming or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.

Final Words

Let’s appreciate the beauty, affordability and trendy style of this Cartier Ballon Bleu replica. No doubt it has attracted attention from all Tom, Dick and Harry as well as many watch enthusiasts. Thanks to its awesome size, this replica watch is arguably one of Cartier’s most masculine watches with commanding looks.

Specifications of this Cartier Replica watch

Back         screw, solid 440 stainless steel, engraved with Cartier specifications

Bezel       440 stainless steel.

Bracelet  solid 440 stainless steel links.

Bracelet Length    170 x 12 mm

Case         solid forged case construction, 440 stainless steel.

Case Thickness       13 mm

Crown    one-piece solid screw-down crown.

Dial Color        Black

Diameter         47 x 42 mm

Gender      Men

Glass        Sapphire Crystal

Movement     Quartz (Battery)

Quality    Japanese Miyota

Watch Clasp   Butterfly Clasp

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