GR Factory Replica Patek Philippe 5396 Moon Phase Watch

I am deeply enamored with this watch; its color and features captivate me. Crafted by the GR factory, it shares its quality with the Z Factory variant, leaving me unable to discern which is superior. GR’s promptness in replicating select Patek Philippe complications, often at lower prices than Z, underscores its reputation as a commendable watch manufacturer.

While the Nautilus and Aquanaut reign as Patek’s market champions, both the simplistic Calatrava 5296 and the intricate 5205 deserve a place in any collection. Previously, I showcased a classic rose gold 5296 Calatrava from Z Factory on my blog. Today, I present another Patek Philippe, the 5396, boasting intricate functions akin to the 5296, albeit from GR factory. Available in rose gold and stainless steel variants, I favor the former, especially paired with its luxurious brown alligator leather strap.

GR factory has excelled in crafting several complex Patek replica watches, including the 5205R Moon Phase, which I’ve reviewed favorably before. The case, reminiscent of Calatrava’s timeless design, exhibits flawless rose gold polishing. Notably, the attention to detail extends to the engravings on the lug backs, a feature often overlooked in lesser replicas. Despite TrustyTime’s website erroneously listing the case dimensions, the 38.5mm diameter and 12mm thickness remain consistent with the superior craftsmanship of GR Factory.

The functionality of this timepiece is impressive, with genuine adjustments possible through the crown and case buttons. The moon phase indicator, featuring a sandblasted finish, accurately mimics these replica watches, rotating once monthly. Notably, this replica boasts a monthly moon phase indicator, a pleasant surprise. The day and month are elegantly displayed in separate windows at 12 o’clock, adjustable via buttons at 10 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Both Z Factory and GR Factory employ the Miyota 9015 as the base movement for this 1:1 super replica watch, visible through the crystal back with correct engravings on the plates and rotor.

For watches of this caliber, I prefer the golden model, complemented by a calf leather strap with embossed crocodile print. For those seeking higher-end genuine alligator leather bands, custom options are available in our market at competitive prices.

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