Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phase 5712 Rose Gold Watch

From my experience, the top-selling replica Patek Philippe watches are the Nautilus 5711 and Aquanaut. For the highest quality super clones, I suggest several factories such as 3K, PPF, and PF. When it comes to the complex Nautilus model 5712, factories like PPF, PF, and GR also produce them, but the PPF version is the most sought after and regarded as the best. The newest V2 version of the Nautilus 5712 from PPF has been announced, but it is currently out of stock. You’ll need to wait a considerable time to receive the V2 edition after ordering. The V1 edition of the 5712 from PPF is available; however, it is often referred to as being made by ZF or a collaboration between PPF and ZF due to their partnership.

Today, I am introducing another Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watch, specifically the 5712 moon phase model in rose gold with a brown leather strap. This super clone watch is produced by the PP factory (PPF). The PP factory announced the release of this replica months ago, and it is finally in stock. I find this rose gold Nautilus 5712 more appealing than the previous stainless steel model, as the rose gold case and brown leather strap give it a more luxurious look.

The case is crafted from 316L stainless steel and plated with rose gold. The gold plating thickness is sufficient, but can be increased if desired, although this customization can cost up to 500 USD.

The dial is gray with an asymmetrical design that complements the rose gold case and brown leather strap. The small seconds subdial is located between 4:00 and 5:00. The date indicator, positioned between 6:00 and 8:00, is larger than the small subdial on its right and features a small white hand pointing to the current date. Within the date circle, there is a functional moon phase indicator. The only inaccuracy on the dial is the power reserve indicator displayed on the top left.

On the back, there are tiny symbol engravings on each lug, and the movement is beautifully crafted. It features a micro auto rotor with the Patek logo engraved in gold. The engravings on some movement plates make the entire movement look very similar to the real Patek Calibre 240. The brown leather band is made from alligator leather, which is of good quality, but if you prefer a genuine crocodile leather band for a more high-end look, it can be customized. Note that this replica watch is more expensive than the regular Nautilus 5711.

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