Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch

Rolex Stealth Submariner Black 621993 Replica Review

Hey folks! Today, I want to tell you about my favorite Rolex Submariner replica watch. I had always been looking for the appropriate time to share my review with you guys. Evidently, replica watches have taken the world’s market place of watches by storm in ever soaring demand. But in my opinion, if the replica watch is up to your standards, no need of breaking a sweat on authentic watches, right? Pardon me, I know you are eager to read on, also, I understand time is money. Therefore, the following  Replica Rolex Sapphire Glass watch is the best selling among all my Rolex replica watch reviewed.

Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch
Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch

Who is it for?

Undoubtedly, Rolex Submariner replica watch is for anyone who gets elated with the idea of putting on a cute and stylish designer watch.  Wrists are one of the least pampered parts of our bodies, evidently, putting on this heavenly accessory will no doubt depict anyone as refined, successful and stylish. Importantly, this replica watch is for wise-enough men who are not ready to break their bank in search of the overpriced genuine models.


Differences between this replica watch and the genuine

 Honestly, it’s undoubtedly very hard to decipher any variations between the two, even with the help of a guru in these areas. Do you know why? This replica is extremely well crafted. As a matter of fact, it took me days to spot any difference. However, after a lengthy investigation, I discovered a little difference with their tachymeter, which has a varied style of gradation at a closer look. On the replica, the markings start fading once they reach the 15 mark while those of the authentic model are on the whole outer part of the bezel. Friends, let’s tell each other the truth, are such minute variations worth letting you not own this heavenly timepiece! Obviously, NO. Considering their similarity in almost all aspects, I expect any sober mind to overlook such a difference and opt for this Rolex Submariner Automatic Replica instead of breaking their bank in search of their overpriced counterparts.

 Iconic features for the Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch

Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch
Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch


My replica’s case is about 13mm, just like the authentic model. It is an Ion-plated case. It is painted black to meet the meaning of ‘STEALTH’ which is just an indication of its rich historical background. Then the case back is Ion-plated snap with Stealth MK III brown colored engraving.In fact, it is simply fantastic. As if that’s not enough, it has Ion-plated bezel with minute markers which looks radiant and flawless.




I don’t mean to boast but honestly this is a feature that I really love to discuss about this watch. No doubt that it is its key selling point.  Having been perfectly crafted in black, it provides a vivid background for its luminescent hands. Yes, I like calling it Maxi Dial. Indeed such dials are very rare to find. All writings on the dial are in white color with the exemption of the word STEALTH which is black on white background. Besides, it measures 44 x 39 mm in diameter and has a date window at 3 o’clock.  That’s already intriguing, right? Additionally, the replica’s dial is covered with sapphire crystal glass, an aspect that not only provides a clear view of its details but also ensure its maximum protection.



The Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch uses a Kinetic (Automatic) movement which is of Japanese Miyota quality. Apart from this movement being quite accurate and precise, it also shades my replica from shocks thus making it the Best Quality Rolex Submariner Replica.  In all fairness, I can’t thank its manufacturers enough for such a genius invention.

Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch
Rolex Stealth Submariner replica watch


Just like the genuine version, my replica’s bracelet comes in a black nylon strap with ion-plated hook-buckle clasp. It measures 200 x 19 mm long thus making it a comfortable accessory in the hands of most men’s wrist.


How to buy one today

Let’s be honest, nowadays, buying a quality replica watch is not a walk in the park. Yes, currently, it may be a bit easier to land a Cheap Rolex Replica online by just a click of a mouse. However, fraudulent dealers have also cropped out. Definitely I would wish you be on the safe side. That’s why I introduce to you Personally, having been a Rolex Submariner Copy watch aficionado for decades, I have always purchased from them and I’ve never felt disappointed. However, allow me to say that even though all their watches are water resistant, they are not water proof. That simply means you should not go taking showers or swimming with them. Doing so will revoke their guarantee, stay informed, cheers.

Additional Specifications for this replica watch

Back     Ion-plated snap-in back with Stealth MK III brown colored engraving

Band Type  N/A

Bezel     Ion-plated bezel with minute markers

Bracelet       Black nylon strap with ion-plated hook-buckle clasp

Bracelet Length 200 x 19 mm

Case      Ion-plated case

Case Thickness  13 mm

Chronograph     N/A

Crown  Rolex logo engraved ion-plated cutwork crown

Dial Color   Black

Diameter     44 x 39 mm

Gender       Men

Glass     Sapphire Crystal

Movement   Kinetic (Automatic)

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