Two beautiful vintage Rolex watches

Many individuals have expressed interest in vintage replica Rolex watches, prompting me to consider launching a project. My aim is to locate a reputable supplier offering high-quality vintage replica Rolex timepieces within our market. Subsequently, I plan to photograph select vintage Rolex watches and share them with you all. Do you think this project will generate interest? Specifically, are you still intrigued by vintage Rolexes? These timepieces may not be super clones; their appeal lies primarily with enthusiasts of authentic vintage Rolex pieces. As for those seeking super clone vintage Rolexes comparable in quality to Clean Daytona or VSF Submariner, I believe such replicas are unavailable in our market.

Before embarking on my project, allow me to introduce two vintage Rolex watches: a Submariner and a Paul Newman Daytona. Both rank among my favorite vintage timepieces and are frequently inquired about on my blog. Although these watches are obtainable in the Guangzhou watch market, securing an exact match to the ones depicted in photos can be challenging without a reliable supplier. The Submariner exudes a distinct vintage charm, featuring a cyclops lens and red “SUBMARINER” lettering on its black dial, with a brushed finish throughout.

The Paul Newman Daytona garners significant attention as one of the most sought-after vintage Rolexes. Many clients have expressed interest, with some making purchases. While replica watches of the Daytona Paul Newman are available on certain dealers’ websites, I cannot vouch for their authenticity. Previously, I had a reliable source for obtaining the finest replica Rolex Daytona Paul Newman, featuring the correct case size. Unfortunately, I have lost contact with this source over the years and must now seek out an alternative supplier. This particular Paul Newman incorporates a genuine watch component—the bracelet and clasp—thus commanding a slightly higher price compared to other Daytona Paul Newman replicas found elsewhere.

Vintage Submariner:

Vintage Daytona Paul Newman:

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