VS Factory Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Two Tone with 3235 Movement

In October 2022, the VS factory released a two-tone golden Rolex Sea-Dweller replica watch, showcasing its standout feature, the VS 3235 movement, renowned for its excellence and also utilized in VS’s Datejust and 41mm Submariner models. Clean factory, a direct competitor to VS in the Rolex domain, often prompts inquiries about which factory produces superior Datejust and Submariner replicas – Clean or VS? While VS boasts an impressive movement, questions arise about the case finish, dial, and other details, prompting comparisons between the two factories. Notably, both VS and Clean exhibit similar quality standards. Clean’s Datejust and Submariner also feature a commendable movement tested over years. In my perspective, VS does not hold an absolute advantage over Clean; neither the movement nor the overall quality surpasses that of Clean, which, unlike the previous AR factory, has not achieved a higher level in terms of case and bracelet quality for Rolex replicas.

The 43mm case, with a thickness of 15mm, is constructed from authentic 904L stainless steel. However, doubts arise about whether these super clone Rolexes genuinely use real 904L stainless steel. About three years ago, both factories claimed to utilize real 904L steel. The uni-directional rotating bezel, equipped with a black ceramic insert, features a yellow gold tone on the bezel tooth. The consistency of the gold tone throughout the case, bezel, and bracelet is noteworthy, distinguishing it from some replicas with varying gold tones between the case and bezel. Despite VS’s claim of Swiss-imported ceramic, it is considered a sales strategy. The black dial displays meticulous details, with the “SEA-DWELLER” printing matching the gold tone of the case and bracelet. Attention to alignment, such as that of the triangle marker and crown logo, contributes to a flawless dial. However, it’s crucial to emphasize to dealers the importance of selecting a well-crafted timepiece, as not all Sea-Dweller 126603 replicas from the VS factory exhibit such dial perfection.

The movement, a clone 3235 automatic, is touted by VS as the best in replica Rolex watches. Although VS claims a 72-hour power reserve, this assertion remains untested. Skepticism surrounds the feasibility of a replica watch movement sustaining such a prolonged reserve, as most replicas typically operate for 35-40 hours continuously. Clean factory has yet to release its Sea-Dweller replica, but an imminent launch is anticipated, likely priced competitively with VS. Questions persist about Clean’s tendency to price its timepieces higher than competitors.

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