Which factory makes the best 1:1 replica gold Daytona 116518?

Regarding the gold Daytona 116518, multiple factories produce its super clone Rolex, including Clean, BT, Gold, APS, QF, and New Noob. Clean and BT are often more discussed in conversations about super clone Daytonas. Gold and APS create high-quality replicas with increased weight but use the Shanghai 4130 movement, not as superior as the Dandong 4130 in Clean and BT’s Daytonas. Little is known about QF, and New Noob has been introduced in a previous article. The recommendation is to buy a Daytona from Clean or BT, as many Franken watches are customized based on their models.

The gold Daytona 116518, a popular replica, is produced by both Clean and BT, leading to direct competition. Initially favoring BT, after watching numerous video reviews, the preference shifted to Clean. Comparing flaws with genuine watches, both replicas exhibit color differences in the case due to gold plating rather than genuine 18K yellow gold. The replica appears brighter and more yellowish. Weight differences also exist, with the replica being about 35 grams lighter. Genuine watch dial printings, especially the red “DAYTONA,” are superior. The movement comparison reveals that the decoration on the genuine Rolex 4130 movement is better, featuring a unique aspect absent in the Dandong 4130.

BT introduced the 116518 earlier than Clean, now reaching the V2 version. The V1 had a too-yellow gold tone on the case and dial, but the V2 edition addressed this, making it closer to Clean’s version. However, Clean’s dial color is closer to genuine. Despite minor differences, Clean is often considered the ultimate version, even with a higher price.

Apart from the dial color, it’s challenging to identify other differences. Video reviews suggest Clean as the ultimate version, reinforcing the recommendation to choose Clean despite the higher cost. Share your opinions on the replicas in the comments, particularly in distinguishing between Clean and BT.

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