VS Factory DIW Rolex Submariner Forged Carbon Watch

Ordering watches from the VS factory has now become a more streamlined process, with significantly reduced waiting times compared to before. Many sought-after models like the Submariner and Datejust are readily available within just one week. However, when it comes to purchasing Panerai and Omega Seamaster watches from VS, patience is still required as orders may take a considerable amount of time to be fulfilled.

Since the start of 2022, VS has introduced only a few new models, some of which went unnoticed when they were initially announced. Nonetheless, the latest watches recently unveiled by VS have captured my immediate attention. These are two Rolex Submariner watches crafted from forged carbon. While forged carbon Rolex watches aren’t an entirely new concept, I was pleasantly surprised that VS has ventured into this carbon Rolex territory. Given their resources, it does raise the question of whether VS should focus more on reviving the production of their Panerai and Omega watches, as there remains a substantial demand for these products. Could it be possible that VS will shift its emphasis towards Rolex in the future?

The two Rolex Submariner replica watches are made with high quality forged carbon material, its case, bezel and case back are all forge carbon made, so the watch won’t be as heavy as the stainless steel model. Besides the material, I think other specification of the watch is the same as the stainless steel Submariner 116610LV VS offers. The case has a diameter up to 40mm and 12.5mm in thickness, nearly the same thickness as genuine watch. The texture of the forged carbon used on this watch is much better than the carbon material you see on other replica watches, the grain of the carbon on this watch looks more real.

The dial is also carbon made in black color. There is a sign of “DiW” on top of 6:00 marker, means the genuine Rolex is a DiW custom-made model. The inner bezel, also means rehaut, has correct engravings, to ensure the crown lgo well aligned with the big triangle marker and 60-minute white scale, you need to ask your dealer to pick up carefully, because not every timepiece has them aligned, some people will be very concerned about this detail. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal that features a tiny crown logo at 6 o’clock, you can observe it on the five picutre in this article.

The watch is equipped with a clone 3135 automatic movement that is custom-made by VS factory, which is one of the super clone 3135 movement used by Submariner in our market. By the way, the buckle on the black nylon band is also forged carbon made.

At last, about the lume on the watch, it is very strong and long-lasting, the lume light on the bezel and dial is blue, and on the crown, the Rolex crown logo and three dots are also luminous, that’s another uniqueness of this watch.

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